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FZ KICK-S Spinner Red Head 18g

FZ KICK-S Spinner Red Head 18g

  • Modell: 5192006
  • Tillverkad av: D.A.M

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FZ Kick-S Spinner

Perfekt litet sökbete. Tack vare den koncentrerade vikten så kommer du långt, skeden ger massa vibrationer och reflektioner som drar till sig predatorerna.

Fantastic little lead fish with a small spinner blade that looks realistic and is extremely effective for catching many kinds of predators! Because of its relative high weight it can be fished slow and deep, so that it is perfect for fish like zander and perch. It can also be fished very fast and shallow which makes it killer bait for fish like asp and trout! Available in two weights and six crazy colours, this is maybe the most versatile lure available today.


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